Legacy Projects

Signature Legacy Project—The Centennial Plaza

Plans are taking shape for a signature Legacy Project—the Centennial Plaza—to be installed at the Northam Park entryway just south of the new Tremont Pool. While final designs are pending, these images provide a glimpse of what’s to come for a gathering space featuring bronze bear sculptures and a History Walk lining the pedestrian walkway into the park from Tremont Road. The evolution of this project took many months of brainstorming and community input. After receiving the support of Upper Arlington City Council, the work began to reach our private fundraising goals. The Centennial Task Force would like to invite you to help make this beautiful project a reality.


As ideas for a signature Legacy Project evolved, the Legacy Projects Subcommittee set forth the following criteria: It must be something permanent that will exist after 2018; It should celebrate and improve the community; It should be accessible to the public; It should be approved by Upper Arlington City Council if it is to be sited on public property; It should be funded through a combination of private and public donations.

In 2016, the Legacy Projects Subcommittee embarked on a community engagement process for input on existing concepts and to seek new ideas not yet considered. The resulting community feedback indicated strong support for sculpture of climbable bronze bears within an attractive plaza area containing seating, tables and landscaping. In April 2017, the UA 100 Task Force Chair presented a Legacy Project update to City Council, with Council voting to accept the Centennial Plaza and History Walk for installation at Northam Park. The intent is to break ground for this project on March 20, 2018—Upper Arlington’s official anniversary date—and to unveil and dedicate the Centennial Plaza and History Walk to the community on the Fourth of July.

Golden Bears

The focal point of Centennial Plaza, these life-size bronze bears will serve so much more than just a beautiful sculpture at a park. The Golden Bears will serve as photo opportunities for high-school seniors, family portraits or just a fun day at the park. Children for generations to come with climb on these bears while parents gather and socialize. The Golden Bears will be spaced accordingly to ensure the safety of children, and will be surrounded by a soft ground surface.

new bears

History Walk

Upper Arlington has a rich history that needs to be shared with all. The History Walk will be composed of 10 three foot columns with a plaque displaying a different subject on each that has had significant impact on Upper Arlington’s history.  The History walk will be encompassed with beautiful trees and landscaping that will lead to Centennial Plaza.

History Book

UA history book



The Upper Arlington Historical Society has been hard at work updating the old UA History Book.  A Cherished Past, A Golden Future: Celebrating The First Hundred Years of Upper Arlington is the story of a city designed with good bones, a city that continues to picturesque, elegant, and most importantly, livable.  Over 200 pages written in conversational voice with a mixture of old and new photographs, this book covers the events and milestones that have shaped this wonderful community for the past 100 years. Discounted price for all Upper Arlington Historical Society members is available through June 30, 2017. To purchase the A Cherished Past, A Golden Future: Celebrating The First Hundred Years of Upper Arlington click here

Questions? Contact info@uaoh100.org.