The People behind the Centennial Celebration


It definitely takes a village to help create, plan and execute all the projects and events that will be featured during the Centennial Year. Meet the Centennial Task Force, the backbone behind the Centennial Celebration.

Task Force


To plan, execute and manage a 2018 Centennial celebration for the City of Upper Arlington that reflects and celebrates the first one hundred years of our city’s history in a manner that is inclusive, fiscally responsible and reflective of the community we have become and hope to be in the future.

Organizational Structure
Steering Committee
• Chair                                                            Rich Simpson
• Vice-Chair                                                   Erik Yassenoff
• Council Representative                          Kip Greenhill
• Communications Chair/City Rep         Emma Speight
• Finance/Fundraising Chair                   Michele Hoyle
• Legacy Projects Chair                             Charlie Groezinger
• Special Events Chair                               Debbie McLaughlin
• Secretary/City Rep                                   Jared Nyhart

Working Subcommittees
Communications: Promote awareness of Centennial activities and build enthusiasm
throughout the community using all appropriate forms of media.
Finance/Fundraising: Maintain tight control of available funds and prepare regular reports in a disciplined and transparent manner. Identify sources of financial support
and secure commitments in a timely fashion.
Legacy Projects: Obtain input from all necessary constituencies, identify appropriate
projects, and execute a plan to complete the projects by 2018.
Special Events: Coordinate other events & activities beyond Legacy Projects and
Communications activities. Collaborate with other organizations. The following Upper Arlington community organizations have also contributed resources to the planning and execution of projects and events for the Centennial Celebration.

Committee of the Whole

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